Production and Service Company is the core of the family business. It is here where panel fences are created, the ease of assembly and flexible appearance is a business card signed by the name URYGA.

The company deals mainly with the production of increasingly popularity, modern panel fences. The company manufactures comprehensive fencing systems based on its own ideas and designs reserved by the Patent Office. The fences produced by PHU Helena Uryga are not only modern and perfectly match the architecture of the facility, but mainly thanks to corrosion protection by zinc coating and painting on any color from the RAL palette (powder method) durability and what is associated with it, many years of trouble-free use .

At the moment, the company produces eight models of comprehensive panel fences. The system consists apart from the bars of the bars sold together with the fixing. The panels are made of rods of 6mm diameter and cold curved sections (20x9x2mm). In the channel drilled holes through which the rods are cut and then the matter at each cut. The bracket is fixed to the post by means of stainless steel screws and masking strips. Each pillar is topped with a metal cover. The company also manufactures doors and gates in the same design as the bays to retain the aesthetic value of the entire assembled fence of the property.